Shooting Airsoft Helps Keep skills up. Once the ranges dry out we will be back shooting.

3 GUN anyone?

Now take the handgun skills and add multi-gun or 3 Gun. Shotgun and Rifle. More complex. Click here and find out the knowledge and steps to become an Action Shooting Sports Person

Movie from MPSA July 2014

Great day in Thurmont. 7 Stages click to play. Phil Strader (USPSA President) was shooting along with Adam Bensen (Top Shot).


Still not fixed,after years of work and millions of dollars. There are many systems in place, but they are not working.

Need AMMO?

I found Freedom Munitions by accident. Really decent load for competition. Brass Buyback program. They support 3-Gun and the JRs. Get on the facebook page and get shipping deals.

York IWLA, Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

York IWLA holds matches every month. The Range has fun shoots designed for beginners. The Matches are split where a competitor can choose to shoot the handgun only, or combo Handgun/Rifle or Handgun/Shotgun or all three.

HI-POINT 9 MM 3rd Generation

The HI-Point 9mm Comp was my first handgun I used in competition. Jammed so much I was very good at phase 3 malfunctions. Working with the company the 3rd generation runs 100%.


My mod for Mossberg Pump 500 will allow the use of Aquila Mini Shells. More ammo in tube, a bit less horsepower. My tests show the SLUGS are a bit wide in accuracy, but if the Zombies strike more ammo is better.

SKS for USPSA, IPSC & 3 Gun

SKS must run clean to compete. This article will outline what is needed to tune up the SKS to achieve the group pictured. Easy to hit a 6 inch plate at 200 yards. Scope Mount, Bolt work, trigger Job, New plastic etc.